Wednesday, January 04, 2006

How to get Broadband Internet access

Some people wonder how to get the Broadband Internet access here in Thailand. The most easiest and viable is going with ADSL. Most of ADSL price is about 600 Baht per month with unlimited usage. To get ADSL ISP will be determined mostly by your Telephone provider.

In Thailand most people will get either one of these 3 telephone providers.
1. TOT
2. True
3. TT&T

All of these 3 offers ADSL Internet access services. You could have option to use other ISP as well, if you prefer. But sometimes price will be a little higher than stick with Telephone provider.

The performance or speed of ADSL in Thailand is ok. Sometimes when connect to web sites that are outside of Thailand will be slower than it should be. But things're getting better, and hopefully that the next few years we will not see any different speed to connect either domestic sites or internation sites.


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