Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bangkok Hotel with Internet access

Nowadays, all major chained Hotels in Bangkok and major cities like Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai are all offering internet to their guests either wired or wireless. These internet access could be accessible from your own room. This is not common when you go outside to smaller cities. In small hotel one that provided way to connect to internet inside the hotel is considerably as a very good. When there is no internet access inside hotel, you have choice to go out and seek for Internet Cafe per se.

Many internet cafe that operate are doing business from kid who using the pc to play Lan Game or Online Game. Such the place like that you will not find much comfort and privacy. But, it still do the works.

There are a few good Internet Cafe that I have seen outside Bangkok. It is the TOT good net which I saw it when I went to Khon Khan. The place are bright and clean. There are a little more room than other internet cafe which help protect our privacy from eye peeking. In Bangkok, you will find more and more of True internet cafe. The speed is very fast. They advertise that speed up to 4Mbps.

Wifi Hot Spot start slowly to cover other province outside Bangkok.


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