Monday, April 24, 2006

Mini PC from Aopen MP945-VX

Minitaure Size - leaving you with a more spacious desk
With a supermini size of just 165 x 165 x 51mm, the Mini PC creates extraordinary desktop space for you to extend unlimited creativity. Using AOpen MiniPC saves you over 40% of space compared to a traditional desktop PC. The saved space can be even larger when fitted with an LCD monitor. The ergonomic effects brought to you by the MiniPC will effectively boost your work efficiency and help maintain a pleasant mood.

Light and Handy - can be easily carried anywhere

Weighing a mere 1.15kg (0.52 lb), the AOpen MiniPC is designed for high mobility. The product fully meets the demands of computer users, who mostly need to carry the computer in a briefcase or handbag from one place to another to continue their work rather than using PCs in the transit process.

AOpen Inc. designs its MiniPC for point-to-point mobility and leaves out monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It further omits the weighty battery so that the MiniPC is lighter than even the lightest notebook PCs available on the market. Despite its light weight, the computer's functions are not compromised at all. Such brand new "portable desktop PC" concept more conforms to consumers' needs.

Superb Performance - Silence, low power consumption, high efficiency

The AOpen MiniPC brings forth a new era for desktop PCs with unrivaled silence, power conservation, and excellent performance by adopting Pentium M/Celeron M processors developed by Intel with mobility technology coupled with a So-DIMM memory slot and Mini-PCI interface. The AOpen MiniPC can easily satisfy the majority of users who mainly work with office applications, enabling them to easily handle office work, entertainment, Internet surfing, CD/DVD burning, etc.

  • Wireless Internet surfing- The Internet access with built-in IEEE 802.11 b/g frees you from the restrictions of "wires and cables." You can now roam freely on the Internet anytime anywhere. The AOpen MiniPC is not just compact but can also give you total freedom!
  • High-speed network LAN - Even endowed with wireless functions, you may still need higher speed when transmitting files and browsing resources through the local area networks (LAN), or downloading massive image and audio materials at fixed places like the office or at home. The high-speed Gigabit 1000Mb network connecting port of the AOpen MiniPC can not just meet your needs but can also be compatible with the traditional 10/100Mb networks.
  • Digital video interface (DVI) - Through its high-resolution digital video output port, the AOpen MiniPC can generate high-resolution and high-quality video data. When using a new generation LCD monitor, you will personally experience the unprecedented display quality for the transmitted digital signals. Meanwhile, the digital video output port can also support any model of LCD or CRT via the attached adapter.
  • TV signal output- Another thoughtful design is the S-Video connector provided by the AOpen MiniPC that allows you to flexibly make use of your home TV set or monitor. This further enhances the portability of the AOpen MiniPC because you can use AOpen MiniPC at more places without having to consider if a PC monitor is available. You may continue to enjoy your digital life with the AOpen MiniPC as long as you own a TV set.
  • HDTV-For consumers who have high-definition TV (HDTV) set, the AOpen MiniPC provides even more stunning viewing delights through the Y/Pb/Pr connector. The more precise colors and delicate details shown on HDTV sets are beyond comparison with traditional CRTs. This enables you to handle computer work on your TV set. Now you can hook up the AOpen MiniPC to your TV in the living room to easily process documents, business, and even edit pictures and images. These functions are not limited only to surfing Web pages, listening music or viewing photos and movies.
  • Dual screen display-AOpen MiniPC can simultaneously support two monitors, enabling you to surf the Web pages and watch TV programs at the same time, or enjoy entertainment while you are working.
  • High capacity DVD±RW / CD-RW burner- Being even smaller than an external CD/DVD burner, the AOpen MiniPC contains a slim built-in burner. You only need minimum space to easily carry around this petite, yet full-fledged PC. In addition, the high-capacity hard disk inside the AOpen MiniPC lets you record, duplicate, and store much more data or video data.
  • High-speed USB 2.0 port- The AOpen MiniPC provides two universal serial bus input/output ports at the back to expand the connectivity with peripheral equipment. You can connect to USB flash drive, external CD/DVD burner, printer, scanner, etc. In spite of its mini size, the AOpen MiniPC gives you unlimited expansion possibilities! Furthermore, the USB 2.0 protocol of AOpen MiniPC also allows the support for the older USB 1.1 specifications.
  • IEEE1394 serial bus port -The AOpen MiniPC provides the high-speed serial bus port to connect to the typical peripherals like digital video recorder, high-speed hard disk drives, etc. With the above high-speed USB 2.0 port, AOpen MiniPC supports the great majority of external peripherals on the market.


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kiind of like a Mac Mini (ala The Cube) without the Mac!


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