Monday, July 17, 2006

NIKE+iPOD Sport Kit

Pick your mix and motivate your run. Nike+ lets you listen to tunes while you track your progress on an iPodĀ® nano. Simply slip the Nike+ sensor into the Air Zoom Moire shoe pocket, or any other Nike+ Ready shoe, and head out.

The Nike+ sensor slips unobtrusively into a pocket under the sockliner.
Waterproof and virtually unbreakable.
The iPod nano tracks your progress, providing feedback on distance, time, pace and calories burned directly through the headphones.
After your run, a performance summary appears on the nano screen and can be heard through the headphones.

Today, there're so many people that going to fitness. This NIKE+iPOD Sport Kit might be a gadget for those people. The device help tracking your workout statistics and could use to monitor these against your goal to burn out all those unnecessay calories.

I don't see this kit in Bangkok though. From website, the price for this kit is US$29. Click here to order from Amazon.


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